1. This voucher includes the Call-Out Fee of R550, the first One Hour Labour Fee of R450 and may include certain materials required to complete the installation. Please ensure that you verify with the Sales Person who sold you this voucher what the free materials are which are included in this voucher.  2. If the installation takes longer than One Hour then the Customer agrees to pay for additional time which is billable at R225 per 30minutes after the Free One Hour included in this voucher.  3. The Customer is responsible for payment of materials required to complete the installation which are not provided as part of the Free Materials Included in this voucher.  4. All materials used remain the property of BlingStallation until such time that the materials are fully paid for by the Customer, this excludes the Free Material Included in this voucher.  Details of free and additional material will be confirmed by the installer before the installation commences.  5. This voucher cannot be exchanged for cash, sold or transferred to another person.  6. This voucher is valid for 60 days from date of purchase. Please retain proof of purchase either for this voucher or for the product you purchased which was bundled with this voucher.  This voucher cannot be replaced if lost & therefore cannot be redeemed via proof of purchase. This voucher must be presented to the Installer on-site before the installation commences. Failure to produce this voucher will result in the cancellation of the installation.  7. We will do all that we reasonably can to meet the date agreed for installation. However, in the case of unforeseen circumstances beyond our reasonable control we may not be able to do so. In such circumstances we will contact you to agree on an alternative date. The Customer will also do all that he/she reasonably can to enable the installation to take place on the given date. In the case of unforeseen circumstances beyond the Customer’s reasonable control the Customer should contact us to agree on an alternative date.  8. We will carry out any installation work for which this voucher was advertised for and or sold to the customer, within 30km from the store the voucher was purchased from. If additional work is found to be necessary during the course of the installation, such work will be quoted for separately and only carried out with the Customer’s permission.  9. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that, concealed water pipes and electricity wires are identified to the installer before installation commences.  In the event of any concealed water pipes or electricity wires being damaged during the installation process; if the installer was notified of the concealed water pipes or electricity wires then BlingStallation will be responsible for the repair of the damage thereof however if the installer was not notified of the concealed water pipes or electricity wire then BlingStallation cannot be held responsible for the repair of the damages thereof. 10. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that, prior to the installation work starting, all furniture is removed from the area of the installation and any carpet in the installation area is rolled back.  11. All workmanship from BlingStallation has a Lifetime Limited Warranty  & components supplied by BlingStallation has a 2 Year Limited Warranty from date of installation provided that the installation has not been tampered with during the period of the warranty other than by an accredited BlingStallation Installer. Electrical Surge and Weather Related Damage is not covered by this warranty.


1. You are at home (or another adult over 18) is at home at the time we’ve agreed to visit. Your Installation voucher is at home on the installation date. 2. Check that you have all the parts, screws and other bits and pieces for the products you require us to install and or setup for you.  3. Have all the necessary accessories and cables.  4. If you are a new Multichoice DSTV subscriber, please ensure that you call the Multichoice call centre to open your account with Multichoice. This will save time when the Installers are at your home and will therefore relate to saving on possible extra labour cost.  5. You have an existing internet connection and it is working (for services requiring internet connection).  6. You have a network point or wireless network available for the product you require us to connect to the internet.


1. Have a chat with you about how you’d like your new products installed and or setup and offer some advice if you need it.  2. Unpack your product take the packing away for recycling (no need to fill up your recycling bin).  3. Connect all your devices together then tidy and run the cables in conduit if you have requested for this when booking your installation.  4. Demonstrate the main features of your new products we have installed and or setup for you.

We want to make sure you know what isn’t covered by our installation service so there are no surprises when we visit you at home:

1. We won’t personalise or optimise picture quality unless otherwise you have requested for this service when you book your installation. This service usually takes 1 Hour.  2. We can’t connect your TV or other equipment to your home computer network - you will need to purchase our Wireless e-Home Voucher for this.  3. We will not start an installation unless you sign and agree to the terms and conditions at the back of the voucher.  4. We will not start an installation unless you sign and agree with the possible extra cost which is estimated before the installation.  5. We do not setup your TV / AV stand unless you have specifically booked for this service when booking your installation >>> we send out a specialist team for this.


1. You haven’t completed the necessary pre-visit preparations above.  2. Additional work is required to complete the installation which we cannot provide for whatever reason.  3. Your voucher is lost or stolen.  4. You cancel the installation after our installation team has assessed your home and you cancel because of possible additional costs inherent to complete the scope of work for your installation.